Juzzle jewelry

The Beginning

Juzzle Jewelry, the innovative New York jewelry brand known for its unique puzzle ring design consisting of two elements, was founded during pandemic. Co-founders Irina and Serafima lead this groundbreaking startup, dedicated to empowering women's leadership in the industry while redefining traditional approaches to jewelry. They took a fateful decision: to establish a brand in order to realize their vision of jewelry that is both fashionable and chic and also meaningful.

brand essence

Unique Design

At the heart of Juzzle Jewelry's concept is a visionary design created by Irina: the unique puzzle ring. This innovative ring features two interlocking elements, allowing wearers to mix and match elements to create endless stylish combinations. While Irina may not be a household name in the jewelry world, her creativity and ingenuity have solidified her as a trailblazer in jewelry design.

Juzzle's DNA


Joining Irina in her mission is Serafima, an award-winning marketer with a passion for e-commerce and a belief in the transformative power of the Juzzle concept. She delved into the philosophy behind puzzle rings, blending exquisite design with technological ideas to create a fusion of jewelry and AI aimed at enhancing people's mental well-being.


Brand Values

At Juzzle, we prioritize connection – within our team and beyond. We extend an open invitation to individuals worldwide to embrace our brand values: connection, caring for people and the planet, creativity, and self-expression. We support the Mental Health Foundation, contributing 2% of sales. Join us in making a difference!