Ring Sizes


Juzzle's Perfect Fit Promise

Finding the right ring size is important for comfort and style. Traditional ring sizes are based on the inner diameter of the ring, measured in 0.5 mm increments. But everyone's fingers and joints are different, so here's how to find your perfect fit.


How to measure your ring size


  1. Visit a jewelry store: Simply go to any jewelry store and have your size professionally measured.
  2. Use a ring sizing app: Apps like Ring Sizerand Best Brilliance can measure your ring size using a ring you already own.
  3. DIY with a thread:

o Wrap a string around your finger where the ring will be.

o Mark where the ends meet.

o Measure the length of the thread in millimeters.

o Do the same for your knuckle.

o Average the two measurements and use a sizing chart to determine your ring size.

By taking both finger and knuckle measurements, you'll ensure that the ring fits comfortably and won't slip.


Tips for accurate measurement


- Avoid measuring when it's hot or cold: Extreme temperatures can affect your finger size.

- Time of day matters: Measure your finger in the morning, afternoon, and evening for a few days to find the most consistent size.

- Hand differences: Your dominant hand may be slightly larger, so measure the specific finger on the hand you'll be wearing the ring.

- Ring Width: Wide rings fit more snugly, so you may need to go half a size larger.

Juzzle's Perfect Fit Promise


At Juzzle, we’ve taken all these factors into account and developed our own size system for the Essential collection.


Juzzle Size Ring Diameter USA Europe
S 16,4 mm 5 – 6 50 – 52
M 17,6 mm 6,5 – 7,5 53,5 – 56
L 18,4 mm 8 – 9 57,5 – 60


For custom rings, we’ll discuss your measurements at the order stage to create a ring that fits you perfectly.