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puzzle ring

puzzle ring

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The UNITY ring embodies the core meanings of the Juzzle brand, serving as a poignant symbol of inner balance and equilibrium. Crafted from two types of metal with intention, it represents the delicate dance between different aspects of life. Its circular form reflects the cyclical nature of existence, reminding us that balance is an ongoing journey. Wearing the ring becomes a ritual, acknowledging the need for equilibrium amidst life's changes. More than an accessory, it serves as a talisman of self-awareness, fostering unity amidst life's diversity.

The cool thing about our puzzle rings is the ability to create your own sets from different elements. You can take different elements and mix them together.  They're like a building set. You can buy any ring, then buy another element, combine it with the one you already have, and build a new ring.

You can buy Juzzle ring as a gift for yourself online to support your aspiration for inner balance and self confidence.

If you are looking for a gift for your friend or beloved one, buy online a puzzle ring that has a deep meaning of care and support.


Please remember that all of our rings are handcrafted, making each one unique. Take care of the ring if you want it to bring you pleasure for a long time. We have prepared instructions detailing how to accomplish this.

Three-line element Bronze
Two-line element Sterling silver 925
Finishing Polishing
Weight 11.5 g
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Mix and match these elements

Already have a Juzzle ring? Great! Add one or more elements from this section to mix and match with your existing ones. Effortlessly create new and unique puzzle ring designs!