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puzzle ring

puzzle ring

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The exquisite CALM ring by Juzzle serves as a powerful symbol of inner focus and mindfulness, designed with minimalist to emphasize its tactile simplicity. It acts as a nonverbal reminder that distractions should not deter you from being present in the moment.

Simply adjusting or moving the ring prompts a return to the present. Owners attest that the CALM ring becomes a personal talisman, deeply meaningful in their pursuit of mindfulness. 

Wearing the CALM ring can be integrated into practices like meditation or deep breathing exercises, with its physical sensation on the finger anchoring the mind for deeper focus and presence during the practice.

You can buy Juzzle ring as a gift for yourself online to support your aspiration for inner balance and self confidence.

Unlock endless possibilities with our puzzle rings! Just like a construction set, you have the power to customize your CALM ring by adding new elements and creating a new masterpiece.

Explore our curated selection of elements below and let your creativity soar. With a range of options carefully selected for compatibility and aesthetic appeal, building your dream ring has never been easier. Dive in and discover the perfect additions to elevate your style.

If you are looking for a gift for your friend or beloved one, buy online a puzzle ring that has a deep meaning of care and support.

Please remember that all of our rings are handcrafted, making each one unique. Take care of the ring if you want it to bring you pleasure for a long time. We have prepared instructions detailing how to accomplish this.

Three-line element Sterling silver 925
Two-line element Bronze
Finishing Polishing
Weight 11.5 g
Three-line element width 14.0 mm
Two-line element width 8.0 mm
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Mix and match these elements

Already have a Juzzle ring? Great! Add one or more elements from this section to mix and match with your existing ones. Effortlessly create new and unique puzzle ring designs!