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puzzle ring for him

puzzle ring for him

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Unlock the mystical world of Chakras with our exclusive Juzzle Chakra Ring.

A limited edition masterpiece that embodies harmony, confidence, and balance in a tangible form.

In our search for balance, we adopted the wisdom of Eastern traditions and created the Chakra Ring. Only 1000 of these numbered rings exist. Don't miss your chance to own this rare masterpiece.

We carefully selected the perfect laboratorium gemstones for each chakra.

  • Red Ruby, being the epitome of energy and movement, will allow us to truly appreciate reaching our goals.
  • Orange Opal will serve as a reminder to be completely awake and present in every joyful event.
  • Yellow Topaz aids in the consolidation of true warrior inner strength and dramatically transforms your life.
  • Green Emerald enhances your ability to live solely in the present moment and discover your true self.
  • Aquamarine light blue allows you to express yourself clearly and creatively.
  • Dark blue Sapphire facilitates getting the most of your own mind's power, and by being a visionary, you will be able to easily manifest everything you desire in your life.

Please remember that all of our rings are handcrafted, making each one unique. Take care of the ring if you want it to bring you pleasure for a long time. We have prepared instructions detailing how to accomplish this.

Three-line element Sterling silver 925
Two-line element Sterling silver 925
Finishing White Rhodium / Polishing
Stones Lab Ruby, Lab Opal, Lab Topaz, Lab Emerald, Lab Aquamarine, Lab Sapphire
Weight 12.0 g
Three-line element width 14.0 mm
Two-line element width 8.0 mm
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