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puzzle ring silver

puzzle ring silver

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In a world where traditional beauty standards are fading away, the ROSE GOLD ring challenges norms, embracing uniqueness and confidence. Its delicate rose gold color, paired with a subtle yet impactful design, offers wearers a sense of balance and empowerment.

Designed to celebrate individuality, the ROSE GOLD ring is available in three options: 18k rose gold, 14k rose gold and silver with rose gold plating. Its timeless elegance makes it an ideal gift to express admiration for a loved one's uniqueness.

Please remember that all of our rings are handcrafted, making each one unique. Take care of the ring if you want it to bring you pleasure for a long time. We have prepared instructions detailing how to accomplish this.

Three-line element Sterling silver with 18k gold plating
Two-line element Sterling silver with 18k gold plating
Finishing Polishing
Protection Yes
Weight 11.5 g
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